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The Company

AET was founded in 1986 as a technology licensing firm.  The intellectual property that represents the principal asset of AET is described in thirteen (13) U.S. patents as well as several applications pending.  AET also holds a number of foreign patents in countries/areas where patent protection is meaningful and local markets are seeking new technology.

AET provides process engineering services to support use of our technology. We can provide a range of services from a quick evaluation of applicability to a complete Basic Engineering Design Package.

Our proprietary technology, also known as the Mehra Process Technology, has recovery and purification applications in hydrocarbon processing industries including natural gas, refinery gases, and petrochemical streams.

The AET Technology

The process applications are:

Commercial Highlights

Madisonville, TX NRU, 15MMscfd, 15% N2 Feed.  Start up August 2003.

Middle East  Two refinery projects in Detail Engineering stage, April 2003.

Petron Corporation installed an AET-designed 35 MMscfd capacity absorption system at its Bataan, Limay, Philippines refinery to recover and separate propane-plus LPG from hydrogen from off-gases produced by new UOP licensed CCR Platform Unit. Start up: April 1999.


Burlington Resources Canada, Inc.  added a 60 MMscfd capacity AET NGL Recovery Unit to its O'Chiese Gas Processing facility near Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada to enhance propane-plus recoveries and simultaneously expand the processing capacity from 30 MMscfd to 60 MMscfd. Start up: January 1998.


Burlington Resources Canada, Inc. added a 44 MMscfd capacity AET NGL Recovery Unit to its Wolf South Gas Processing facility near Edson, Alberta, Canada to enhance propane-plus recoveries to 95+%. Start up: May 1997.


Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, in joint venture with AET, installed and successfully ran a 5-10 MMscfd non-cryogenic, absorption-based, nitrogen rejection field test unit at Anadarko Gathering Company's Hugoton, Kansas compression station utilizing the AET Processsm NRU technology. Start up: March 1993.

Contacting Us

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or questions you may have.  A real live "person" will answer the telephone or respond to any e-mails.  Use the e-mail link below or simply call, fax or write.

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